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O: (02) 4889 4332

Clerical Assistant


O: (02) 4889 4332

Tania Robinson

Medical Billing Specialist

Tania has more than 22 years’ experience across all disciplines of Medical Billing.

Jannah has had more than twenty years experience in handling resumes, procedure manuals, proof reading, editing and desktop publishing.


M: 0405 124 081


Jannah Walton

Senior Administrator

Sharon has worked within the fields of Medical Billing, Fund Contracts Negotiation and Medical Software Development for over thirty-five years.

Hannah has had over fifteen years experience in Organisational Design, helping businesses establish HR and Governance frameworks across a broard range of industries. She is a key business partner to many of our clients, working alongside them to achieve outstanding outcomes and service delivery.


M: 0466 981 544

Hannah Boland

Organisational Design Specialist


O: (02) 4889 4332
M: 0418 531 729  

Sharon Andrews

Founder & Director

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